Energetic Tools for Sensitive People

Are you sensitive and your sensitivity makes it hard to live your life? You wish you want to do this and that, but considering your traits, you have to hold back or give up the ideas? Well, you’re in the right place! Or at least, give yourself some chance to see what energetic tools I can share with you would do for you. I’ll teach you many energetic tools and catered for sensitive people. I use guided meditation style to teach you one tool at a time. You’ll be using those tools throughout the day to help you navigate your life easier!

When I first started to take the intuitive classes at my healing teacher’s school, I asked her to teach me one-on-one instead of me joining the meditation class. For, I was in the very fragile time of my life and didn’t trust people to be in the class setting. More importantly, I knew that I was so sensitive at then if I were to take the class with other people, I would not be able to concentrate on learning or healing myself. My teacher agreed and she gave me a very generous offer to do the one-on-one meditation class for me. I took Meditation I and II, the rest, I was told that I couldn’t do one-on-one for healing classes nor clairvoyant classes. If she offered me, then I would have done one-on-one all the way. Though, the goal is not just learning the tools, but being able to practice and utilize the tools so you can live your life normally. I don’t know if my life now is normal, but compared to the time I didn’t have any of the tools I learned, yes, my life has freedom and expansion.

With that tools I learned and also my super sensitivity, I can assist your journey even if you’re very sensitive.

The Energetic Tools for Sensitive People I

  • Date: TBD (possibly Saturday evenings)
  • 4 weeks 90 minutes each week
  • remote “live” class via uberconference  (by phone or by computer)
  • 90 minutes each week
  • Fee $125

Inquire or register by email at naosan.healing@gmail.com or call 206-486-4677

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