I do spiritual healings in hands-off style. You may be sitting on the chair and I do healing on you in circle around you, or you may be sitting on the other side of the phone and I do healing on you remotely. Either way, I work on your energy field. You are multi-dimensional beings, and you are spirit, mind, emotions, energy and body. Working on the energy level of you works on all areas of you including your body, mind and emotions. Your energy needs to flow and if there is a blockage, it creates stagnation in your body and all areas of your lives. This is one way to assist your life’s journey by assisting to clear the energy in you. Healings are not limited to your bodies; it can be relationships, career, life transitions, family, finance, or anything you can name it. Although you may be just sitting down, the person who is working, changing, shifting the energy is you.

When you can use healings

  • You want energy cleansing from time to time
  • Stress Relief
  • Relationship healings
  • Career Healings
  • You hit the road blocks
  • Transitions
  • Want to move heavy energy from you
  • You want some assistance in shifting strong emotions (grief, anger, fears, pains, etc.)
  • Need to find yourself
  • You want healings in specific areas such as: relationship space, financial space, career space, etc.
  • Just because you love to receive healings!


  • $100/hr for a person healings/readings
    • House Call: $20/per visit additional fee for commute time
    • Remote or Distance non-live: $5 additional fee if paypal pay

*Currently, I’m offering healings and readings by in-person house call (local only) or remotely.
* The typical session is 1 hour per session for a person


Person Healings/Readings Package

If you want to continuously work on your healing journey, healings/readings package is available for you. You can use the package sessions for all of my services, healings and readings including house space and business space consulting. Consult with me first before purchasing so you have not uncertainty before you get started.

<Examples of considering the package purchase>

  • When you have something in you or life which is persistent for change and you’re determined to shift and break the cycles and patterns.
    • You keep repeating the same patterns in relationships
    • You have some behavioral matters which you want to change such as health habits
    • You have a financial matter that your goal and your current situation have a significant gap
    • You’re in the dead end career in your mind and you long for a change
    • You want to shift your abundance in all areas of your life
    • You know this particular pattern or a kind of people you bump into in your life and you feel that you haven’t cleared and broken the energy and patterns
      • Always end up at the work with male/female dominance and male/female control
      • Getting paid less than your talents no matter where you go and what you do
      • A certain thing keeps you out from achieving or trying
  • For the future needs of a remote and distance session to quickly arrange a session as needed without going through the Paypal payment each time.
    • If you know that you would want a follow up session afterwards, but don’t know the time line.
    • For something comes up in the future
      • You won a prize and need some assistance in selling it.
      • Work got wonky all of the sudden.
      • Unexpected events


<Time frame and expiration of the package>

  • There is no expiration on the package purchase
  • The time frame to have the sessions is per your need basis
  • Let’s discuss when you initiate your goals and purchase the package. We can determine how often, how soon to do each session.


5 hours Package for a Person Healings and Readings

  • House Call package: $525 (travel fee included)
  • Remote package: $465 (paypal fee included)


10 Hours Package for a Person Healings and Readings

  • House call package: $1000
  • Remote package: $875

Call at 206-486-4677 or email me at naosan.heaing@gmail.com to book a session!


Sunset @Moab Utah



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