I do spiritual healings in hands-off style. You may be sitting on the chair and I do healing on you in person or by phone, or I do healing on your non-tangible space from the distance. Either way, I work on your energy field. You are multi-dimensional beings, and you are spirit, mind, emotions, energy and body. Working on the energy level of you works on all areas of you including your body, mind and emotions. Your energy needs to flow and if there is a blockage, it creates stagnation in your body and all areas of your lives. This is one way to assist your life’s journey by assisting you to clear the energy in you. Healings are not limited to your bodies; it can be abundance, relationships, career, life transitions, family, finance, or anything you can name it. Although you may be just sitting down, the person who is working, changing, shifting the energy is you.


  • 60 minutes session
    • Remote/House Call: $105/$120
  • Package
    • Buy 5 x 60 minutes sessions and get another 60 minutes for free!
      • Remote/House call: $515/$620

Call at 206-486-4677 or email me at naosan.heaing@gmail.com to book a session!

Sunset @Moab Utah



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