House and Living Space Clearing

House and Living Space Clearing

You clean the house regularly; otherwise, your house will be full of dust. House healing is in the similar sense but cleaning the energy instead of the visible dusts. Energy tends to stay in the space, so the space accumulates energy over the time. So, think of it as a house cleaning in energetic sense. Try out the living space healing. Even if you don’t sense energy (you think), you probably notice that you feel easier and more relaxed to live in the space you are in.

When you can use House and Living Space Clearing

  • You just moved to a new home and you want to completely own your home as your space
  • You’re selling your house
  • You’re going through transitions in life
  • You just can’t like your living space
  • You can’t sleep or rest well at home
  • You want to start new
  • You want to clear the living space from time to time
  • You want to set up the goals of upcoming year with abundance

You can use House and Living Space Clearing to clear the old energy and create a space to bring new and suitable energy for you!

*can be done remotely or house call
*These are the sample, typical in-person house healing of 90 minutes rate. Consult before purchasing so it makes sense for your situation.

House Call: $170/90min (pro-rated $100/hr)
Remote: $155/90min (pro-rated $100/hr)

90 minutes House and Living Space Clearing – House Call

*note: Email or call before purchasing house/living space clearing. Better to discuss before purchasing.



90 minutes House and Living Space Clearing – Remote

*note: Email or call before you purchase house/living space remote clearing. Better to discuss before purchase.


*Depending on how large the space is and how much energy is involved, space healing may take longer than 1 hour. We may divide sessions if it takes longer than 90 min.


Healings/Readings Package:
If you want to continuously heal you or want to go deep on your healing journey, healing package is available for you. You can use the package sessions for all of my services, healings and readings including house space and business space consulting5 hours Package

  • House Call package: $525 (travel fee included)
  • Remote package: $465 (paypal fee included)
  • 5 Hours Healing Package – House Call


  • 5 Hours Healing Package – Remote



10 Hours Package

  • House call package: $1000
  • Remote package: $875
  • 10 Hours Healing Package – House Call


  • 10 Hours Healing Package – Remote



Inquire or book a session at 206-486-4677 or email @

Moab Utah


Location Seattle WA Phone 206-486-4677 E-mail Hours Wednesdays: 3pm-9pm, Fridays:10am-9pm, Saturdays: 10am-2pm & 7:30pm-9pm. * office hours are subject to change.
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