Intuitive Readings

Intuitive Readings

Intuitive readings is another way to assist you to grow and expand as a person and a soul. My approach is to assist people to shift the energy which is ready to be shifted. I rarely give a specific future reading since I believe everybody is here to explore, experience, learn and expand on his/ her own and also one’s options are countless. Whatever helps you to shift your energy to positive and lighter for your life’s journey, I address it during the readings.

It is not me who choose what to be said but rather it is you, the readee, who show me what’s needed to be said at each time. It is not your mind needs to understand what’s said; rather it is you as an energy body to make the shift through the readings. You as a spirit heals and you as a spirit communicate with your physical body to heal yourself. Your physical body will follow afterwards.


  • 60 minutes session
    • Remote/House call: $105/$120
  • Package for Healings and Readings
    • 6 x 60 minutes sessions
      • Remote/House call: $515/$620
    • 11 x 60 minutes sessions
      • Remote/House call: $1030/$1200

For more information or booking and purchasing, submit the form below, call me at 206-486-4677 or email @


Southern Utah


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