Meditation 1 – Online Recorded Class

Learn the intuitive tools to bring your awareness and remove energy that doesn’t belong to you! Have you ever wished if you had a tool which would protect you, ground you, navigate the energy better in life, etc.? When I first took this class from my teacher, I wasn’t sure if I was doing it right. The more I practiced, I started to see the benefit of it. My intense anxiety disappeared every time I tried it on my own. The more I tried, I learned more about myself and energy in general. Now, I do not live my life without it. Learn the basic intuitive tools to help your daily life and your soul’s journey!

This class is a recorded class and designed as a 4-weeks self-study curriculum. Each week contains a few recordings to cover the different topics and tools. You’ll be learning the intuitive tools through a guided meditation style. It starts from one tool and adds on another one at a time. In the end, you’ll be using all the tools you’ve learned.

1st: Set 90 minutes or so per week to do meditation and mark your calendar to designate for listening to the recordings and learning by doing it. You can split and do twice a week or more, up to you. The most important part is to set the intention to do this class each week and book your calendar to reserve your meditation time slots. Otherwise, life gets too busy, so set the intention before you start.

2st: Create a space where you can sit quietly alone and take care of yourself by doing this class for yourself.

3rd: Let’s learn the magic tools in this class and use them in your daily life!


Some topics covered in the Meditation 1:

  • How to ground your body and release energy which is not serving you
  • How to call your energy back
  • How to protect yourself
  • How to raise what you can have


Sample recording: Meditation 1 Week 1 Introduction


Purchase the Meditation 1 Online Course (Week 1~ Week 4) – $100
*upon payment is made, password for the course recordings is emailed to you.

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Purchase the Meditation 1 Online Course Week 1 Only – $25
You can purchase Week 1 only and see how it goes and continue the rest if you wish.
*upon payment is made, password for the Week 1 for the course recordings is emailed to you.

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Purchase the Meditation 1 Online Course Week 2 ~ Week 4 – $75
You’ve tried the 1st week of Meditation I class and want to continue. You can purchase the rest of the Meditation I class Week 2 ~ Week 4 here.
*Upon payment is made, password for the rest of the meditation I course recordings is emailed to you.

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Moab Utah


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