Meditation 2 – Online Recorded Class

Learn more intuitive tools to support you in life! This is the next sequence of the Meditation 1 class. The more tools in your toolbox, the more options you have in navigating your life!

The format of this class is same as Meditation I. The class is designed in four-weeks curriculum.

1st: Set 90 minutes per each week to do meditation and mark your calendar to designate for listening and doing meditation. You can split and do twice a week, up to you. The most important part is to set the intention to do the meditation each week and book your calendar to reserve your meditation time slots.

2st: Create a space where you can sit quietly and take care of yourself by doing this meditation course for yourself.

3rd: Let’s learn the magic tools in this meditation course and utilize them in your daily life!


Some topics covered in the Meditation 2:

  • How to remove energy in your space with additional forms
  • How to know if the problem you’re trying to solve is yours
  • How to clear the energy of a room


Purchase the Meditation 2 Online course – $100
*pre-requisite – Meditation 1
*upon payment is made, password for the course recordings is emailed to you.

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Southern Utah



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