Learn the intuitive tools to ground, protect and clear yourself while meditating! This class is not about how to meditate; this class is about learning how to bring your awareness and to heal yourself by using the intuitive tools. If you’re a regular meditator, great! If you’re not a regular meditator, that’s also great! The purpose of this class is to teach you how to be grounded and to release energy which is not serving you. I do healings and readings; however, I know that people need the self sufficient tools and bring their awareness to navigate the daily life better. We live in a very fortunate time; however, life isn’t always easy to navigate through many times. This is one way to assist you, so when you don’t get healings or readings from the healers like me, you have the basic tools to help you.

Each meditation class is consisted of four-weeks curriculum with a few recordings on each week. The format is a guided meditation style, so you sit down with eyes closed; however, while you listen to the recordings, you’ll be actively learning and working on your awareness and your energy. Each week’s recording is aimed roughly 90 minutes, and is broken down to 2-4 recordings. So, you can pick a day of a week and do it at once for 90 minutes, or you can split throughout the week.

If you’re not sure this is what you want, you can purchase just the first week of the Meditation I class and decide if you want to continue or not. Or you can purchase the whole four weeks. It’s up to you. Each class teaches many topics from how to remove energy or emotions like anxiety from your space to how to bring abundance in your life.


Available courses:


If you’re interested in learning the spiritual tools to protect you, assist you to navigate the energy in life “in-live,” contact me @ or call me at 206-486-4677. I can consider forming an online “live” class  if multiple people are interested. Or if you’d like to learn in one-on-one basis, let me know. I’d be happy to chat with you for the options and pricing arrangement.


Southern Utah


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