One-on-One Classes

One-on-One Classes

The class topics can range from the basic energetic tools to support, protect, ground, release, and create, abundance, healing, etc. You can request the topics from your burning needs.

Call or email for arranging your class.

Class Topics

Meditation I – Basic Energetic Tools Part I 
Learn the basic energy tools while in the guided meditation format. By learning the tools to ground and protect yourself, you can navigate your life easier. 

  • Four weeks, weekly, 45 min each week
  • Tuition: $260 for four weeks class

Meditation II – Basic Energetic Tools Part II 
The sequential class of Meditation I. In this class, I’ll introduce you more energetic tools in addition to the tools you learned from the Meditation I class.

  • Four weeks, weekly
  • Pre-requisite: Meditation I
  • Tuition: $260 for four weeks class

The class starts from learning the basic meditation tools and awareness set up needed in order to work on your abundance followed by bringing your awareness around your abundance and limits. Will visit and work on your family and cultural programming and will work on expanding your abundance space. Then finally you’ll practice setting up your mock ups and goals for manifestation.

This is a hands-off form of healing. The class format starts from learning the basic tools and awareness set up needed for the healings. *Meditation I&II are suggested as pre-requirements, but will go over the minimum tools needed.

Specific Topics
This is designed to learn and work on your specific needs for your unique environment. Consult and discuss your burning needs. We’ll arrange the class topics and tools suitable for your needs.

Email at or call at 206-486-4677 to arrange your class.

Salt Lake, Utah
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