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I decided to create a rough Q&A page, so people who have never tried my services or have never had healings/readings can get the general idea! Of course, if you’re unsure to jump into it, you can always call (206-486-4677) or email me (naosan.healing@gmail.com) to get your general questions answered during your determination phase!

Q: I’m not sick or ill, so why do I need healings?
 I understand that word “healing” sounds like something is wrong with you and you need to “heal” from it. Though, it’s nothing like that. In my view, healings are having an influence on your soul’s journey to shift your vibration to be your true vibration. So, anything in your life or you which you want to shift or change, healings can be very helpful. You might have strong fears about something and that might be freezing you from moving forward. You might have a transitional phase in life and be having a challenge to have a clear sense of direction. You might be restless while sleeping. You might want some assistance in abundance flow.

Whatever it is you want to shift or change, healings definitely can be a great assistance. Same can be said about readings. So, think of it as an assistance to your life’s expansion.

Q: What’s the difference between readings and healings? Any difference in effects?
Both readings and healings have a same goal: to assist you to shift your vibration to your true vibration. Healings involve with the Source energy to assist you to shift your vibration. For example, Reiki is a healing therefore. Readings are done by delivering information to you. This also shifts your vibration believe it or not.

When you need some information about some specific topics, readings are a great way to gain the insights and validation. When things are a little bit challenging and you need some relief, healings are very helpful. I do use both at the same time often, but depending on your goals for the session, some sessions can be readings focused and others can be healings focused.

Q: Do you see everything I’m thinking and what I’m doing? How much do you see me?
A: I think this is a common misunderstanding. I don’t do mind readings or “figure out” what you’re thinking or doing. You as a spirit show me at the time of the session what you want to show me. Other than that, I do sense energy in general, but I don’t take time to look into it because there are so many!!

Q: I’m sort of scared that I feel like you’ll look through my private life.
A: Sure. Again, what I see is what you as a spirit show me. If you’re not ready and not wanting to show me, it won’t be shown to me.

Q: Do you read my future? I want to know my future.
A: Generally speaking, I don’t do future readings because I believe you’re the co-creator of your future. However, depending on your specific questions, I can take a look and see if you keep going as is, what the likelihood seems to be.

Q: Does this change or shift me or my life?
A: Yes and No. So far people who come to my services are somewhat ready to make a shift. So far, I can say that all I’ve assisted have made some sort of shift in their vibration which resulted shift in their lives. However, this is all up to you, the receiver. So, if you’re not wiling to do the shift or change, nothing changes. I’m not the one who do the work. You are.

Q: How the typical session like?
A:  It depends on what you’re looking for. Typically, the session is one hour. If it’s in-person session, you’ll be sitting on the chair and I might be sitting across from you or might be standing up. Remote or in-person, I set the space for your session, then I ask what your specific request is or what you’re looking for from the session. Then, we go from there. It may be the mix of healings and readings, readings only, or healings only. I would never know how the session will be like till I open the session with you.

Q: How does the remote session work? What’s the difference between remote and in-person?
A: Remote or non-live distance session works as great as in-person. If it’s a live session, I’ll be talking to you on the phone. If it’s a complete distance session, I do the healings or readings regardless of the time or space where you’re at. So, there is a freedom in time and space.

The difference in my experience is that I can take a look at things from the broader and more neutral perspectives when it’s remote or non-live because you’re not right in front of me and I have some distance from your energy or a space. I suggest distance session sometimes depending on your focus for the session. If it’s in-person, I do pick up more details at that time. So, both have benefits in the different ways, but in terms of effects, I don’t see either is better or less. It all depends on what you need at a moment.

Q: What’s living space healing or business space healing?
A: Think this way, I do healings to clear your energy and stagnation from you as a person. Same things can be done for a space. One part of the house space or business space healing is to clear the energy and stagnation in the space. Another part is to shift your energetic view in life, so the same kind of energy or stagnation won’t keep coming back to your space.

For the business space healing, it’s more involved than the living space because it’s about the “business” and your “career” as an owner as well. It will involve you, your work, your employees, partners, your intent, etc.

Q: What’s the difference between energy healing and spiritual healing?
A: I do spiritual healing. I say energy healing because that’s a little more accepted nowadays with many people doing Reiki. In my view, energy healing is a spiritual healing because dealing with energy is basically in the spiritual realm. My impression is that people use the term “energy healing” when they’re talking about body and energy close to the body, or when people don’t want to go to the woo woo feeling. I’ll tell you straight up, and I do spiritual healings. It involves all nine yards: body, emotion, mental, spiritual, creativity, relationship, work, finance, etc., you name it.

Q: What’s your healings modality? Is it Reiki?
A: Ok, it’s not Reiki. I can do Reiki, but I chose to use the different method for many reasons. The healings I do is “hands-off” healing, so I don’t touch your body. I wish there was a name for my healings, but my teacher doesn’t name it for any, the training school she went through doesn’t name it, either. It’s just “healings,” so I call it healings. Reiki session is very close to your body, but my healings are pretty far from your body. I get closer to your body when I work on your chakras or your physical layers, but that’s about it.

Q: Does the session go many hours sometimes?
A: No. The typical session for a person healings and readings is 60 minutes. The typical Living space healing and Business space consulting are 60-120 minutes. If the energy is coarse and needs more than one session, then we need to arrange the multiple sessions.

Q: Do you do a child?
A: Yes. I have done for children. Typically kids don’t take too long, so a session for a child, the max time probably will be 30 minutes if not shorter.

Q: Can I ask healings for my parents, kids, friends, or my partner?
A: Yes. It’s best if you get an agreement from them. If that’s not possible, the following things might happen. One: they would happily receive healings/readings. Two: I give healings/readings but they refuse to receive it (as a spirit or a body). Each case is different.

North Lake Powell, Utah


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