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Listen to Your Body

Brown rice is good, better go with vegan, soy is better than dairy, etc. America has been more health conscious, and more information around food nutrition, diet, exercise, and medicinal research findings are available. It’s great that we have more information and knowledge. However, what I feel to be needed is to pay more attention to our own bodies.

Once I looked into the field of health and wellness. I was already working out pretty much everyday and I would miss everything else but my workout. So, why not utilize what I already love and know? That was in my mind. Knowing the muscle developments and exercise technique is one portion for being healthy. Eating cannot be ignored. So, since I’m a serious hard worker when it comes to work, I did look into researching so called “diet.” Just to let you know, I never ever tried to diet in my life and I’m not a skinny or perfect body type even through so much exercise. But, do you care? I didn’t. I mean, what’s the point of working out? It’s not to make me look like a someone who is falling off from the underwear. I enjoyed moving and I wanted to be healthy, that’s all.

When I looked into the diet technique which all the personal trainers and specialists cover, I decided to experiment on myself. Before I suggest anything to people, I wanted to be responsible for what I would say. Along the line, all it comes down is paying attention to which food has what kind of nutritional values and how much “calories” in it. As a matter of a couple of weeks, I lost interest in eating. Every time I saw food, only the data came up to my mind: brown rice, complex carb, 130kcal per 2/3 cup, etc. I no longer enjoyed eating food any more. Then I realized that paying attention to this so called “diet” or nutritional value makes me sick. I immediately stopped paying attention to data, but still it took me quite a while to reverse my thought process.

I think knowledge is valuable, and being conscious about what to eat and what we do is important. However, what works for each of us is very unique to our own energy systems. My body goes through changes all the time. When I had to assist my family crisis a couple of years ago, my body was so exhausted that I couldn’t exercise or eat complex food. It was as if my body was barely making it with the situation, so I had to make it easier for my body to digest. Complex carbs are suggested because it takes more time to metabolize than simple carbs. Brown rice is good, but my body was rejecting it around that time.

When I started to have the series of interviews for the current job, my body again went through some shift. It stopped eating, but I tried my best to feed it. So, all I could handle was simple pho (simple rice noodle soup) or plain toasts. It made me worried, so I was adding protein shake with bunch of leafy greens in it daily. If I think of this now, I was purging the old energies which this process brought to the surface. Then, after I took the position, my body needed a lot more protection and it started to ask much more proteins and ate much more. Lately, I’m going through another phase in which my body again stopped eating, so I’m eating what works for my body currently. Now, my body seems to be purging again, and I seem to get sick if I eat sugar. So, I can’t just stick with one diet like vegan, raw food, greens, etc. As my life phase changes and what I have to go through energetically shifts, I also have to change what to eat and my activity levels.

I believe it’s true for you, too. Paying attention to your own body is a skill it takes some time to develop. You can do muscle testing to check each time if the certain food works for you or not. Receiving the advice from the specialists is cool, but it’s also just one portion of the information you need and not all. The final check up has to be done by only you. Just ask your body. Your body is a very intelligent messenger. It gives you so much information you need! 🙂