What people say about their experiences with Naomi’s healings and readings:

“Naomi’s unassuming demeanor belies her keen insight, thoroughness, and attention to detail that always goes right to the source of the problem. She also provides good suggestions for better energetic health on the spiritual and physical planes. You’ll be glad you gave her a call.” -Ross, Greenwood

“Naomi is a gifted healer. She has the natural ability to perceive subtle energy and more importantly she is very effecting in clearing energy that’s become “stuck” in my energy field and has been holding me back. Naomi is positive and upbeat and delivers her healings with insights that I have found to be incredibly valuable. I highly recommend her for an effective healing.” -Gillian, Seattle 

“Behind Naomi’s unassuming nature and positive presence is a gifted healer. She has an incredible ability to channel insight and wisdom in our sessions, whether clearing and healing me or the spaces in which I dwell and work. Her gentle way of creating and holding space puts me at my ease; I know I am in safe hands.” –Michael, Seattle

“Naomi is talented and gifted in so many ways.  Yes, she heals in a loving and generous manner but she is also clairvoyant and she can sense energies very accurately.  For you non-believers out there, she is the real thing.  To give you an example, Naomi asked me if I was feeling arm pain and I said no.  She insisted it really hurt.  Not a minute later, I burned my arm right where she said she felt pain.  In one of our earlier sessions she mentioned I should be open to receiving and I seemed closed to compliments or receiving from others.  I worked on this and within a week, I mysteriously starting receiving “gifts” from Amazon that I didn’t order.  These were good things like heaters, faster chargers, scarves, data transfer cables, etc.  I tried to return them but since nobody could trace who sent them, I kept them.  Her ability to sense energies is uncanny.  Another time, I was getting sick.  I could feel my throat starting to hurt and my energy was low.  She cleansed my energy in a few minutes and I ended up not getting sick at all.  This is powerful and real.  Thank you Naomi for all your help and your abilities to direct our life forces.  I’m glad you are in my life.” Lynn, Data Analyst 

“I had a life changing and an amazing healing session with Naomi, had never tried anything like this before in my life and I wonder why I did not meet Naomi earlier. She is an amazing person to start with, I always feel lighter and nimble just being around her. With regards to the healing session in particular, I had some emotional/psychological issues and was trying to deal with deaths of my loved ones and had a very twisted relationship on the other hand. When I tried the healing, to be honest I was not expecting anything much. Naomi was not aware of the state I was in. She connected so well with me and was able to unclutter my energies, I would like to believe that she had connected with my departed loved ones and conveyed their message to me. Interesting observations – whenever Naomi worked with my energy chakras I could actually feel them spinning which was a total out of the world experience. I would like to thank Naomi for all her help.” -Tarun, India

“Naomi is a talented and joyful healer. She works with great care and has a kind and gentle manner. I have had over five healings from her in the last few years. They are always a helpful and interesting learning experience for me. Naomi uses her sense of humor and non-judgmental style to help me to feel safe and at ease in the invisible yet real process of energy healing. She helps me form a deeper connection and conversation with myself as she clears and refreshes my energy system. She’ll talk to you about what she is sensing in your energy system or she’ll just quietly heal you if you prefer and you can relax and be meditative. She gives readings too and will answer questions from a spiritual perspective about whatever I am wondering about with my relationships, health issues and spirit life. She is very perceptive and sensitive about energy and sources of blocks or behaviors that can be draining for me. I trust Naomi and appreciate her integrity and sensitivity. She has also healed my son. Her insight of spirit has helped him understand his empathetic soul type and how to best take care and nurture his own energy. She loves to help and nurture her clients. Her home space healings are really helpful for cleaning up your living space too! Naomi loves her work and I am grateful every time I receive the benefits of her enthusiasm, training and insight.” -Jill, Seattle 

“Naomi is a very gifted healer, with great compassion and insight. I always experience a big shift in my energy after receiving a healing given by her. Naomi’s readings are very direct, clear, and concise. Her enthusiasm and amusement is a joy to experience.” -Ginna Lee, Director, The School of Intuitive Insight

Sunset @Moab Utah
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