Welcome to the Expansive Healing!

Expansive Healing in Seattle offers services to assist you and your life’s journey. Either it is you, your home or your business, all the services are aimed for your soul to expand. There is no limit to your abundance. Rather it is you who is limiting yourself from expanding to a fully capable individual as you truly are. The services include spiritual healings/energy healings, clairvoyant readings, house and living space clearing, and business space consulting. Also, classes are now offered remotely to help you shift your energy and thoughts so you can navigate your life easier and bring more abundant life to you! It is to help you learn the basic energetic tools as well as the laws of universe so you can handle easy time as well as challenging time easier and better. Your awareness changes, you can manage and handle your energy better, and you’ll be more and more closer to your true soul’s capacity. Let me assist you to expand to be whom you truly are!


Happy Summer!
Sun is staying up longer! It makes all of us on the earth to be lighter and cheerful! Summer has come!
A group healing clinic:
My services are by remote or in-person house calls. Then, I got an idea. If you have multiple people, say your friends who want a quick energy cleansing (15min-20min), I’d be happy to show up at your place.
  • 15 minutes healing on each -> $25
  • Commute and travel fee -> $20 per group. Hence, split the cost by number of people
  • Total -> $25 + one person share of travel fee
    • For example,
      • two people group -> $35 each
      • three people group -> $32 each
      • four people group -> $30 each

You get the idea!

Healing/Reading package available!
  • 5 hour Healing Package – House call –> $525 (includes travel fee)
    • Normal pricing –> $120 x 5 = $600
    • You can save $75
  • Example of house call package usage
    • A person -> 1 hour
    • A house -> 90 minutes to 2 hours
    • A car -> 15-30 minutes
    • A pet -> 10-15 minutes
    • You can use for in the future healing or reading needs, for your partner, etc.
  • 5 hour Remote package: $465 (paypal fee included)
    • Normal pricing –> $105 x 5 = $525
    • You can save $60
  • Example of remote package usage
    • A house -> 45-60 minutes (completely distance healing, non-live)
    • A person ->30-60 minutes (depending on non-live or remote live)
    • A person session can be readings, healings or  both combined, depending on the purpose of the session.
    • The typical time for remote or distance session is 60 minutes. If more is needed, to be continued in the following session.

If you would like to set up a whole clearing (house, person, etc.), highly likely it would take more than one visit. Call or email me for consultation!

You can contact me by submitting the form below, emailing me at naosan.healing@gmail.com, or calling at 206-486-4677 for booking a session, registering a class, questions about a class and my services! 

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