Welcome to the Expansive Healing!

Expansive Healing offers spiritual healings, intuitive readings, living space clearing, business consulting and one-on-one classes to assist your life and your soul’s journey.

I believe we each have our own power to expand ourselves in any situations. Healing doesn’t mean so huge like splitting the ocean like Moses might do, but rather think of it as a little assistance in your own soul’s expansion process. My focus is assisting each soul to be a whole beautiful spirit as he/she is.

Either healings, readings, consultation of your business or learning the energetic tools, all services are aiming for you to gain insights, awareness and the techniques to navigate your life easier and to expand as a person and soul. I am looking forward to working with you!

For booking a session, registering a class, questions about a class and my services, email at naosan.healing@gmail.com, or call at 206-486-4677 



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